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ACE Microbrewery IPA Brew Day

Started by BrewDorg, December 30, 2016, 12:08:08 pm

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Pyrex jugs would be very accurate wouldn't they?

Leann ull

Yep they should be good. I was around Wills one day and asked him why he had secondary markings on his plastic jugs were, "actual vs indicated" sure enough went home and measured mine and same


Quote from: DEMPSEY on December 30, 2016, 12:29:02 pm
This is the profile set up.

Hi Brian, could you post that picture in a higher quality? I can't see any of the figures on it! :)

Could post a pic if your GF mash profile too please, if you get a chance?

(apologies for thread hijack!)


I will post it in the Grainfather thread.
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Hey BrewDorg. Thanks for the write-up.
This system looks good but the issue I see is that you mentioned that it has a two degree swing in temp on the controller before the heat kicks in. Did you find a way to reduce the threshold ?

Also for grainfather/braumeister uers. What is your standard variance in mash temps?



Mash temp might drop 1c initially after adding grain (depends on quantities) but it's back up within minutes
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I did 1 step to heat to my strike temp. Then I doughed in and started another step at mash temp.

I'll be doing another brew on Saturday (fingers crossed) so I'll use my thermapen to record actual temperatures inside the grain basket. I haven't looked into changing that setting at all yet. There's very little literature available. The booklet that comes with it doesn't mention anything.


Doing another brew today, a half batch. I measured the space between the bottom of the kettle and the bottom of the grain basket - 6.5L.

So my mash water now will be calculated similar to the Grainfather. (Grain bill in kg x 2.7) + 6.5. Just doughed in and the mash looks fairly spot on.

Also, an update on all the gravity readings I took previously in the thread. I just got a new hydrometer and never checked it in water. It's reading 3 points higher than it should be, so take 3 points away from all reading I mentioned above.

Leann ull



Another bit of info for ye. Pressing both the '+' and '-' buttons at the same time will allow you offset the temperature if necessary. The offset is reset every time you turn the system off.

I've updated the Beersmith profile too. Thanks Dempsey, I forgot to check the Grainfather thread until recently for the higher resolution screenshot of your profile. I had never added my 6.5L deadspace (3.5 for the GF) and that threw off my figures. Sorted now though and working well. I'll post a screen of that later on

Leann ull