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Yellow Belly Citra recipe anyone?

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Hi all,

I’m looking for a good summer recipe and was wondering if anyone had a clone for the Yellow Belly Citra Ale or something similar.  I’m a huge fan and would love to try one.

Thanks folks.

Someone asked for the Yellowbelly Citra recipe before and Declan kindly provided.

--- Quote ---Rough and ready its 75%pils 15%munich 10%wheat. All castle maltings and bitterness kept super low. Double infusion mash. 50 then up to 65. Dry hopped @ 4.5g/l citra for 4/5 days @15°

--- End quote ---

That's right, it was in a thread that I started I think (if that makes finding it a little easier bazbart)

Thanks folks. I’ll have a look.

There was a clone recipe section started up that never took off years back. Might be worth looking back into getting it up and running again.


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