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Advise for first Wine Kit

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Hey - not able to brew beer at the minute so done a turbo cider and planning on maybe doing a wine kit for to keg and have in keezer for Christmas.

- Any suggestions on a good white wine kit from GEB or HBC?
- Do the kits come with all the additives you need?

This range are great and inexpensive. I've gotten more complements from them than more expensive ones.

Any wine kits I've bought all come with concentrate, yeast, clearing agents and stablisers. Some varieties have oak sachets.

Plus one on the Pinot Grigio from that Australian range... it’s clean and crisp and doesn’t have the bubblegum flavours a lot of the kit wines can have.

Great - cheers!

Anyone got experience kegging wine? I wouldn't have the patience to bottle TBH an Wondering do people force carb or just leave the keg under a few PSI pressure to keep seal?

In summer I make Chardoflower Prosecco:

Chardonnay kit (Austrailian Blend) some elderflowers (dried) and mak e as usual.

Keg, chill and carbonate

Panty Dropper!!!


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