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Apple processing - Day 1

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Some will recall that I grow my own apples for craft cider.  The desserts were picked and matured early this year and I processed yesterday.  The cider and cooker varieties will follow in a few weeks, depending on when the apples begin to fall.  The 160kg realised about 100L of juice, so I was quite pleased.  I'm aiming for a blend of approx. 70% cider variety juice, so hope the trees deliver.  I'm using a pinch of metabisulphite overnight before adding sugar (the dessert fruit need it), pectolase, nutrients and this year, Gervin cider yeast that I have started in a 10% sugar solution.  Target is 5%ABV.

Fantastic setup Will.
Have you looked into Keeving?

Thanks.  I'm saving Keeving experiments for another couple of years - basically when I can afford to waste 30L+ of juice.  The focus up until now has been on producing a clear sparkling cider with decent flavours.  I think I'm quite close to being able to do that reliably.  The logistics of the "orchard", processing and bottling have probably been the big challenge so far, and I'm nearly on top of that.  I'm looking forward to more time experimenting with the fermentation and blending side of things. 

if the keeve doesn't happen then nothing is wasted - you just rack of as usual.

Been there done it!

I was lucky and had the crop picked well before Ophelia struck.  Looks like about another 340kg of fruit - of reasonable quality I think.  I have a new apple for the mix this year - Ashmead's Kernel, an old spicy fibrous dessert russet.  I have no idea what it will ferment like so I will make a 30L drum in isolation.  Hopefully it will be the equal of the Katys for blending.

BTW, a bottle of home crafted cider made it's way to me from Sligo, via a somewhat circuitous route.  Anyone here send 330ml bottles of homer cider to Donegal this year?  I suspect it was made with cookers....  ;)


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