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March 31, 2020, 03:14:01 pm


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Aquarium co2 tanks with beer Co2 regulators

Started by Maher0032, December 11, 2019, 11:07:15 am

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I realise that co2 tanks from Europe don't fit regulators from the EU.
I am just getting into kegging and have a decent regulator made in Italy.

Finding it hard to get my hands on a co2 tank but may be able to get one of those ones
made for aquariums. Just wondering if anyone knows if these are compatible with beer regulators
if they are both from the EU. Or would I need some sort of adapter?

Added some pics. that might help.



If you're anywhere near Bray/south Dublin, AJ Edge will supply a 2nd tank with new regulator for ~€40 incl first fill, with refills for €10.


Iv read up on AJ. Sounds ideal for me but unfortunately not living close to there, I'm down the country and would find it very tricky to get there, especially in office hours Mon-Friday.


Whereabouts? There may be a way through your local NHC Express.


Located in Thurles, Tipperary.
Fairly close to everywhere, less than an hour to Limerick/ Kilkenny / Portlaoise and only a little longer to Cork/Dublin.

Could travel most evenings but I'm 8-5 mon-Friday so would have to be the evenings.

How does the NHC express work?


More a relay system, someone might know somebody who's heading close; may take one or two jumps to get there.


Best bet, ask who's heading close by, that we could get it to to get it on to you.


Ohh I see what you mean.
That might work.
Thanks for the advice.


AJ also have a place in Mayfield, Cork as well. Formerly Munster CO2.


Cork could actually suit me better.
Do you know if they sell tanks too or just do refills down there?