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CO2 from AJ Edge, Bray, and the NHC

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Gary at AJ Edge will fill any size CO2 tank for €10. There is better value with larger cylinders.

They have stock of 5Kg tanks that they're happy to give away - old fire extinguishers with no valves. If you buy a valve for €28 from them they'll stick it on a tank for you, and for another €10 they'll fill it. So €38 for a 5Kg tank full.

Also, if you have a smaller cylinder (say 2Kg) they will swap the valve onto a 5Kg and fill it for a tenner all in once the customer's valve matches a tank in stock. so you can upgrade a 2Kg tank to a 5Kg for free.

Just say you're from the National Homebrew Club.

Great work! Will be taking advantage of that great offer in the not too distant future.

Well done Tube for finding AJ Edge how did you ever come across them and getting a deal for gas as well ;)
So glad its a sticky, it'll never disappear into room 101 now.

Maybe you should stick a link in for those of us who are extremely lazy!

Can't find their Website so this will do:

Any idea if they open at the weekends? Or are they a 9-5 setup?

It's only 20 mins walk from the dart station according to google earth as well so handy for us who are on foot!

Well done.
I will see about the 2kg to 5kg with valve swap next time I need a refill.


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