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Grainfather alembic attachment as condenser during boil

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Just read on a Facebook group somebody suggesting that the Grainfather alembic attachment could be used during the boil to eliminate steam condensation while brewing.  Has anyone tried this? Do you think it would work without inhibiting DMS boil off? I have read a few posts where people use other condenser set ups and they have demonstrated that the quantity of liquid they boil off is the same... but is this a good guarantor that DMS is boiled off?

I don't see why it wouldn't work but I've no personal experience. But I think this could be done for cheaper

Cheaper using a condenser, or cheaper using extract fans and large pipe work? One of the things that would appeal to me about the condenser is the small space it takes up... storage space is always at a premium in our house!

You'd recover a lot of wasted steam energy in hot water for cleaning, long before your IC or Heat ex 'free' hot water. That's a plus.

Before you buy, though, the condenser will be designed for ethanol & water concentrations, which condenses easier than water steam, so the condenser might struggle to contain all of the steam. Someone versed in distilling will be able to advise you better, although probably not on a public forum! :D

I see no reason why DMS wouldn't be driven off in the same manner as an open boil.

cheers! I better clarify, I have no interest in using it for alcohol distillation, it seems like it could be a useful tool to have lying around... €150 is quite steep though so still not decided! ... I wonder how efficient it would be in producing distilled water for diluting the liquor in high mineral water area? It might start to make sense financially if it could be used in different ways!


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