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August 07, 2020, 06:33:26 pm


Renewing ? Its fast and easy - just pay here


Started by irish_goat, May 24, 2019, 08:57:36 am

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You can pick up 5litre and 10litre mini kegs on get er brewed now


Along the same lines, not as neat looking, but 1/3 of the price

€ 56,73  2L Mini Stainless Steel Beer Keg With Faucet Pressurized Home Beer Brewing Craft Beer Dispenser Growler Mini Beer Keg System


Both viable options aye, but suppose this is the Rolls Royce looking version of those.


That's a lot of cabbage for something that holds, essentially, 3 pints of beer.


Insanely expensive for what you get. I own quite a few of the minikeg growlers.

For about the same money, you can get a 5L growler keg all made up for you:

^ I wouldnt buy that BTW. These setups have problems, being pricey for one, and fobbing like hell for another.

I do like those mini kegs, but the main question you have to ask yourself is what are you using it for. If you need to bring beer to a meetup that will be consumed in < 2 hours, why do you need to dispense under pressure? You have a lot of very cheap options to do that (not the least of which is the humble carbonation cap on a PET bottle).

If you need a portable source of beer for a camping weekend they are pretty good, but cost wise, a 9L corny keg is much cheaper. Also if you already have a CO2 source at home (which you will to fill a corny), you can just use a long/narrow picnic tap:
https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/premium-party-tap-line/ in conjunction with something as primitive as a PET bottle/carb cap full of 45PSI CO2 (you could go fancy with a secondary regulator or LPG regulator too).

The growlers themselves are nice, as they will work well with being primed so you can use them as a low tech kegging solutions, but they are pricey once you get into pushing them out with CO2.


any of the above options with a can of this for £8, problem solved ;)


Quote from: irish_goat on May 24, 2019, 08:57:36 am
Saw this pop up on Amazon, essentially a 1.0 or 3.7 litre growler with attached tap and CO2. Ridiculous price but it would be a nice novelty to have.


I have one of these, brought it home from America last year. Think it was about $130 I paid for it. Very popular there, where they are mainly used for fills from microbreweries. It's not a bad bit of kit but there is a maintenance kit which you can only buy in the US at the moment. I now have to use Keg lube on mine each time on the CO2 seal or else it leaks the gas. I use mine to let family and friends sample my beers. The little pressure gauge has also failed on mine but it's not really necessary anyway.


iKegger will ship to Ireland, still dear at €129 but i like the idea of hooking up a 4l mini keg to my normal keg to hold a full batch!



Anyone bought the 5L mini kegs from get er brewed?


The 10L ones on GEB are a great price. Was going to pick another up until I got into sankeys.

In general the 5L ones are the ones to get. Its the most practical size.


Do the ones on GEB take the 16g CO2 cartridges?


AFAIK all bulbs have a uniform thread, so yes.

I am pretty sure that I mixed 12g and 16g bulbs with my portable regs.


Is there anyway of using nitrogen on these kegs?


The spear heads have regular corny posts so they can take whatever gas you feed it. But N2 would probably need a full regulator and a mixed gas bottle