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August 07, 2020, 07:10:03 pm


Renewing ? Its fast and easy - just pay here

Grainfather and full brew kit for sale in Offaly.

Started by Padraich, October 13, 2019, 05:29:14 pm

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Hi all,
Due to life... I'm not brewing anymore so selling my brew kit to fund new house things.
Grainfather connect (and spare old controller)
Peco boiler
About 5 plastic FVs from hbw and hbc
1 corny but no fixings.
Bottle tree and rinser.
Capper and selection of about 500 caps
Bottles that take crown caps (~20); 50+ flip tops; 20+ coopers ox bar bottles.
Bottling stick, airlock if I can find it; likewise taps for the FVs.
I'll throw in some grain & hops if the purchaser wants.
I want to offload it as a job lot for €600.
It's all in great condition. I have photos but they won't upload so if interested can email or whatsapp them.
Cheers, Padraic


Id be interested in the whole lot. How old is Grainfather?



For what it's worth I know Padraich well and can confirm his kit is on very good condition
Tapped: Brown Porter, Dortmunder, Rye IPA
Bottled: Barrel RIS, Barrel Red Flanders, Oatmeal Stout
Fermenting: Barrel triple, NEIPA
Planned: Pilsner, Hazy Pale Ale, something Belgian


As there were no sensible offers from the brewing community I'm moving this to adverts.

Happy to take offers on individual parts at this point.

Thanks all.


Padraic - just seeing this now, very interested in the whole lot, is it all still available? I've been struggling to brew regularly since moving to Dublin given the space required and I keep coming back to an electric system so this might be perfect.