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750 ml swing tops and wine bottles

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Hi . I have an option of getting a few pallets 750 ml green swing tops with tops for the sub euro range price.  Including tops and seals.
Also have an option to take a few pallets of green wine bottles for about the sub 30c range. All price approx. Anyone interested? Collection from Midlands. 

Details,  i must be paid up front and I have to organise it in the next two weeks.


I'd take some swing tops. Where are they from? Do you have confirmation of quality? Are they brand brand new?

Italy for swing tops, 550 grammes glass weight, brand new. Unusual design. Max pressure 2 bar.

I live I  tullamore  I'd be interested

Leann ull:
Green Bottles good for Cider Wine Spirits etc not for beer unless you brew Heinekin


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