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Wondering if there is interest in buying replacement mesh filers for BM20 and BM50 from Italy. There not made with mesh but with microperforated metal sheet. You won’t have the problem of the fraying weave like the ones currently made.

This video explains the difference

Currently filters for BM50 would cost €44 plus €19 delivery
BM20 is €33 plus €19 delivery

In this group buy we would share the delivery cost and would need an order over €500 to get a 10% order discount from the manufacture.

Hi I would be interested in 50l filter screen.

Brewuk resell those filters as well might be cheaper on postage

No, unfortunately there not the same.
The Speidel filter screens are woven stainless steel. The Italian ones are microperforated sheet stainless steel. The woven ones will fray over time. In my case it was 38 brews. Brewuk sell the Speidel ones.

Its probably an issue Speidel will resolve with newer models.

Yes they are, they are bac brewing filters


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