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Hi guys,

I'm about to buy some glassware and maybe one or two t-shirts from The delivery to Ireland is 19GBP so in case anyone is interested to get some brewdog stuff, we could split the postage costs.

I'll be ordering next week so give me a shout anytime.


Where are you based? (How to distribute once you get it)

Their Teku glasses look good value @ £3ea

I'm based in South Dublin but work in City Centre so we would have to meet somewhere around Dublin I guess. And yes, their Teku glasses are both, good value and good looking :)

I wouldn't mind a bottle of Mashtag if they still have some in store

That's what they have in stock atm:

No delivery before January 4th though, so I'll be ordering around January 3rd. Until then, do not hesitate to contact me in case you guys want something.


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