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Magnum 3l Swingtop bottles any Interest ?

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Returning from a trip this week I spotted a three litre swingtop magnum of beer in a petrol station in Germany

 Anyway I thought "I'd love one of those , it'd be great to put beer in "
Would anyone else be interested ?
I reckon I could find a place that sells the bottles , but you'd need a pallet of them to be worth while

 That beer was 27 euro in the petrol station , so the bottle can't be that pricey on it's own

Let me know and if there's enough interest I'll put out the feelers and see can I get a pallet in !

Leann ull:
We are long overdue a bottle or growler GB but 3L in one go blimey  >:D

3 L is a great size to bring along to club meet ups  :)

ide be interested.

I'd take a couple if they were knocking around.  Then I could tell the missus I only had the one...


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