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Stoneground strong white flour

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Just wondering if there's any interest amongst the sourdough bakers here in getting strong white flour, specifically stoneground white flour from one of the English mills like Shiptons

This would be 16kg bags for <€20. We'd need four people to get over the order minimum and someone to bring it in from Naas if ye're interested.

There's also a contact I have in Dublin city centre who can get any flour from the Marriages range

FYI on stoneground vs. roller mill flour read more here

Basically with roller mills all the bran etc. is stripped from the flour as it is passed through sets of rollers and sieves at what may be high temperatures which impact on the nutrient content of the flour e.g. most wholemeal flour made in this country unless it specifically says stoneground, will have been white flour that then has the bran etc. added back in at the end of the process.

Although particularly in this country we're used to stoneground being used to describe wholemeal or brown flours it was also how  white flour was made in the past.  The additional step compared to the wholemeal we're used to is at the end where it is sieved to remove almost all the bran.   


I'd be into getting some at those prices.

Damien M:
Me too!!

Great to see a bit of interest in this.  What would ye be interested in? Conventional white/organic etc.?


Shipton Mill

For organic and stuff like spelt the prices would be over what I've indicated above.

Edit - scratch that organic strong white would be <€20. Spelt is crazy dear as in >€80 for 25kg though. But that may be favourable compared to what you'd pay for small quantities in the shops.

Count me in for strong white :)


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