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February 25, 2024, 04:17:58 PM


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[Review] Muntons 6 Bottle Country Wine Kit (Elderberry) from HomeBrewWest

Started by Damo, January 18, 2014, 10:29:59 PM

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Hi All

I was one of the lucky few to win one of these kits in the last round of raffles.

A big thank you goes to Lordeoin for running these and especially to HomeBrewWest for their kind donation to the raffle system :)

Im going to review this kit on a step by step basis.

The Kit:

The first thing that strikes me about this kit is the simplicity of it!

The kit comes as a can of concentrate with all of the required additives and instructions neatly packaged into the lid.
In addition to the supplied ingredients you will also need:

1) Demijohn (1 gal./4.5L)
2) Sterilising/ cleaning agent
3) Bung & airlock
4) 450g of white granulated sugar
5) 6 Wine bottles
6) Syphon tube
7) Funnel

Sterilising/ cleaning Demijohn

As with all brewing and wine making, sterilising and cleaning is key.  For this I used 2 tspns of VWP into 1 gallon of warm water which was left to steep for approx. 20mins.
I also took the time to clean and sterilise all other bits and piece's: can opener, scissors, funnel, top of can and measuring jug.

Adding the concentrate:

This is simply pouring the concentrate into the Dj, at this stage you also add 1.8L of cold water. When poured through your funnel this also helps areate your wine must.

Adding sugar soloution:

You need to dissolve 450g sugar in 600ml of boiling water and then add to the Dj.

That's the hard work done ::)

Adding your sachets:

The kit comes with clearly marked sachets which need to be added in precise order.
The instructions also give you a fairly clear set of guides on timing, they will tell you in which order and at what stage of fermentation to add.

A) Wine yeast
B) Nutrafine ( I presume this is a mix of finings and yeast nutrient)
C) Wine stabiliser
D) Flavouring
E) Finings

At this stage you need to add sachets A+B.

Give the Dj a good shake to help mix the yeast, finings and aerate.

Fit the bung and airlock (half filled with cooled boiled water)

That's it your done for now!   ;)
Ill check up on it in 3-4 days and top up with cooled boiled water as per kit instructions.

See ye all in a few days


did you take any sg or brix reading before adding the yeast sachet?


eh...no! ::)

I suppose because I'm going to be topping up with water I don't know if there's any point!
besides, there was no mention of taking readings in the instructions :P

I know there are calculators to help work out gravities when topping up.  I will use my hydro when finished with fermentation.

I think I'll put my faith in muntons


Well done Damo GCB'ers can write like Joyce after all ;)
Looking forward to a small taste as I have always been critical of these kits because of their size.


Nice one Damo. I'm surprised at how many bits and pieces are in the kit :)

What's in the can? Grape concentrate?
When does the bag of flavouring go in?


Quote from: LordEoin on January 19, 2014, 11:22:09 AM
What's in the can? Grape concentrate?
When does the bag of flavouring go in?

Hi Eoin

Im going to edit the OP as I go.

I suppose I could have elaborated a little more regarding the sachets :)

Yep, the can is just concentrate.  The flavour goes in at end of fermentation, a day later in goes the stabiliser and finings.

Kinda no real difference to how you'd treat any wine.


Pretty funky. I'd normally put all the flavours in from the start.
I suppose it's like 'dryhopping' but with fruit concentrate, so the flavors don't get as mangled by the yeast.