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[Review]The Homebrew Company's full extract Kit (American Pale Ale)

Started by Damo, January 27, 2014, 06:45:01 PM

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As always a big thank you to L.Eoin and http://www.thehomebrewcompany.ie/ for providing this kit for review.

This Pale Ale is part of a series of extract kits: https://www.thehomebrewcompany.ie/beercider-kits-hbc-full-extract-kits-23lts-c-1_216.html

This Kit consists of:
2 cans of liquid malt extract
3 vacum packed bags of hops
•   60min 12grams
•   15min 23grams
•   0mins 54grams
Muslin bag
1 vacum packed bag of steeping grains
•   228grams
1 whirlfloc tablet
1 Pk of yeast (safale us05)
1 instruction leaflet

As you can see from the photo the kit comes as a basic pack, no elaborate packaging or labelling.
The instructions are clear and simple. The hop additions are individually bagged and labelled with times for adding to the boil.

Step 1
Getting ready for the steep, The instructions ask for a 30min steep at 67oC.
I filled my HLT to the 30L mark.
For steeping I used a 7l stock pot. Grain bag in, poured in 2L of water at 71oC  (This was to allow for grain temp) which gave me exactly 67oC.
Wrapped in insulation and covered with a tea towel

Next step was to crank the temp on my water to 80oC for rinsing grain bag.  I also took the opportunity to ready my boiler by fitting its hop stopper and putting on its foil wrap jacket.

Ready and waiting

Rinse water getting close to the 80o mark

Rinsing grain.
For this they recommend placing the bag into a colander and rinsing through with 2L of water at 80oC

Nice dark wort

The next step is to add the initial steep water and run off to the boiler(Rinse/ sparge water)
Disolve the 2 cans of extract into the boiler and add water to achieve 26L pre-boil

Because I filled my HLT from the start I was able to use this water which was now sitting at approx. 90oC to achieve my pre-boil volume. I also decided to add the 60min hops as first wort hops. (that was the only deviation from the supplied instructions.)

Later hop additions and whirlfloc tab lined up and waiting

Rolling boil, timer goes on!

Steam extraction working a treat

Wort chiller rinsed off and ready

Second hop addition and whirlfloc tab quickly followed by chiller(to sanitise)

45mins in and down to 24L

Final hop addition, power off and start chiller

Nice cold break forming

Post boil level 21.75L, Im going to lose a further 2L+ due to dead space and hop soakage

I turned off chiller at 24oC
I allowed approx. 20mins for break material to fall out and settle and then started to transfer into fermenter.

Ended up with just under 19.5L.
I didn't bother making  any allowances for losses or soakage.

O.G. of 1.043, followed by yeast

Im delighted how this turned out so far!

I think these kits make for an easy step up to all grain in terms of getting used to hop additions, timing etc. certainly knocked 1hr off my brewday.

Would certainly recommend these kits ;D


Nice review. I haven't brewed mine yet but the kit looks great. Pity it doesn't come with a baby sitter   :P

That's a cool looking set up you have too.


Cheers Garry

This kits easily doable of an evening :)

I turned on water at roughly 7.30pm.
Started at 8pm and was back in at 11.30pm

Happy days


I find that disappointing that there's no indication of what varies the hops are.



Quote from: LordEoin on February 04, 2014, 10:59:32 PM
I like your hardcore extractor fan and chiller Damo  ;D

Cheers Eoin

Wouldn't want that pesky steam messin up the shed :)


I made this kit before Xmas and was the first brew i kegged - delighted with the way it turned out - keg just empty now however :-(
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Cond.: Cider
Bottled: Helles Lager, Pumpkin Ale
To Brew: Ginger Ale