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May 25, 2024, 06:00:29 AM


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MYOB Wheat kit

Started by Blueshed, June 22, 2013, 04:16:46 PM

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only got around to brewing this today, kit is a month out of date.

used the following to make a 21 lt brew

1.5kg lme
250g carapils
160g wheat spray malt

also put in the rind of 1 orange, 1 lemmon, 2 cloves, 2 cardamon pods, 10 fennel seeds.

OG of 1050


How did this work out Blueshed?
makes me sad to see a thread with no replies...  :'(


it was infected, tasted of bitter vinegar and smelt of rotten grapefruit. apart from that it was ok  :P

have 2 brews bottled almost 3 weeks, will put up reports next week all going well.



I found a couple of these kits (& the Bitter which was quality in BrenMurph's) last week so going to getthem on next week. Get a few kegs of easy drinking beer for these dark nights.


Sorry to hear it Blueshed. Win some, lose some  :'(

Just curious though... What did you do with the orange, lemon, cloves, cardamon and fennel?
Did you bang them straight in or did you give them a quick boil to soften and sanitize them?


Put in 300ml of boiled water for 15mins, strained then put 300ml into FV.