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May 17, 2021, 07:50:01 PM


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Fast Ferment W-34/70

Started by jonmuni, April 06, 2021, 04:37:31 PM

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Hi chaps,

I have a fermentation issue of sorts.

I brewed a Munich Dunkel last Wednesday all went fine, first double decoction also. ( standard grain bill, hops and RO water )

I put into a Fermzilla and pressure fermented at 21c on 12 PSI. I re-hydrated, pitched the yeast and it kicked off about 6 hours later. Good krausen was present and spunding valve exhausting CO2 as expected.

48 hours later is was at final gravity of 1.014, yeast floculated and beer is clearing out slowly with a cold crash due soon.

My question is about this yeast and whether its normal for it to be finished in 2 days under pressure.?

Ive pressure fermented before but not a dark larger on this yeast. Checking samples I am not detecting any sulfur, DMS or other off flavours YET.

Should I be concerned?? 

Cheers guys



I would not fret as it looks that your beer is fine. closed fermentation allows the beer ferment at higher temperatures and thus faster.
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Matt DBrewer

I've done the very same thing with the same happy results ... it will benefit from an extended period of cold conditioning to allow sediment to precipitate out, but in terms of off flavours, I've never detected any either
I wonder if there's a beer out there thinking of me too? 🤔🍻


I normally to a diacetyl rest for 2-3 days towards the end of fermentation but is it needed in this instance?

Thanks a million for the help!

Matt DBrewer

Because it ferments warmer, it's not required
I wonder if there's a beer out there thinking of me too? 🤔🍻