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January 18, 2022, 06:58:49 AM


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Lager Workshop Sat 17th June **CANCELLATION**

Started by Kellie, May 23, 2017, 08:37:30 PM

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May 23, 2017, 08:37:30 PM Last Edit: June 06, 2017, 05:26:53 PM by Kellie
**** CANCELLED****

    Venue: Lock 13 Sallins
    Time : 10am-4pm
    Cost : €20 Inc Light lunch + Pint

    Pre booking is essential so that we can gauge numbers

    Brendan will be hosting a Lager Homebrewing Workshop on Saturday 17th June. The idea is to prepare Homebrewers for the upcoming Lager Competition on 30th September.
    The venue is Lock13 Brewery + Gastropub where Brendan can take ye on a detailed tour of the Brewhouse specially designed with Lagers in mind!

    Topics to be addressed

    • Keeping it simple
    • Lager versus Ales
    • Ingredients (malt + hops)
    • Water
    • Processes (Mash, lauter, boil, cool)
    • Yeast Choice
    • Fermentation methods
    • Conditioning
    • Packaging for competition

    Each section will focus on taking commercial principles and adapting to homebrewer. In addition each section will have a practical aspect + theory.
    The day includes samples, a light lunch and a pint of House Lager!

    So if anyone is interested please let me know  :)


    I would love to go to this but won't be around on the date. A great opportunity for anyone looking to learn how to brew a good lager though.
    NHC President


    God damn it.....working :(

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    1. Skittlebrau
    2. Mr.GaryPatrick

    The lager competition is the first competition I'll be entering. Great event to organise!

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    Hi All,

    Unfortunately due to lack of interest, I have had to cancel this workshop as we would be taking up valuable space in the pub that could be used.
    I have PM'd the 2 interested lads and offered an alternative to those guys.
    Thank you to anyone who took the time to respond.

    Kellie  :)

    fishjam45 (Colin)

    Garden County Brewers



    Yeah it is a shame. A great chance to get some tips from Bren especially if you are entering our lager competition in September. I brewed a Czech Pils recently and it turned out ok but with a hit of DMS (not good) it's definitely a very difficult style to brew well
    NHC President


    It really did look good. Hopefully if there's enough interest you might be willing to do this some other time in future (although I get that it was being timed for the lager competition). Fair play to ye for trying to put it on anyway.

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    Was also interested fwiw. The 17th just didn't suit.


    Yeah same boat, I'd have been interested if not for the belfast brewday on the same date. Pity it didn't work out.


    Start an interest last for the next one. It won't be 100% but will help gauge numbers

    1. Johnrm


    Start an interest last for the next one. It won't be 100% but will help gauge numbers

    1. Johnrm
    2. Keg

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