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What Hop Varieties Grow well In Ireland??

Started by Paul86, January 16, 2019, 11:00:52 AM

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Hi Everyone,

Im not much of a gardener but I have space for growing soem hops and think its something I might try this spring.
I have read a few articles on the process but I am just not sure what types of hops grow particularly well in Ireland.
I live in Dublin, fairly close to the coast so its quite mild. Has any one any recommendations ??
If anyone has any first hand tips on the initial planting process that would also be much appreciated.

Paul :)


Hops will grow and there is some discussion on this elsewhere on the forum.
Search is not great, so poke around in the hops board for info.

I think around now is a good time to plant.
Don't expect much in the first year.
The grow up, and up, and up.

Consider the climate and the hops that are available and suited to the climate.
Lads should give you cuttings if you cover postage etc.


They'll all grow, but they all need reasonable shelter. Not one of them is resistant to those late August gales.

Fuggles in the ground worked well for me.


Fuggles also does well for me compared to other varieties I tried. Good crop last year, although I didn't use it.


Cascade turns out worst quality for me; I wouldnt bother with that. Its late and doesnt get good qualities here.

Centennial is beautiful - finishes early and stinks in a good way. Chinook is ok.


Think traditional English varieties, they need loads of Sunlight, are thirsty and lots of feeding.


I only started last year, but both the Centennial and the Prima Donna / First Gold grew well in pots in Dublin. If you don't have a lot of vertical space, then First Gold is handy.

I only received and planted them at the end of April. I think when you plant depends on what kind of cutting you have - if you have a good root rhyzome then you can plant it any time during winter. I ordered from Willingham Nurseries and got what I assume was a rooted bine cutting with a small leafy shoot on it. I think you're better off potting these up and keeping them indoors until they grow a bit, as they're quite delicate.

Definitely the main drawback of growing hops in Ireland is our gusty winds! More shelter the better!


Had great results with EKG and tettnang, poor results with fuggles. The tettnang I grew near an compost heap produced cones in the first year all others in the 2nd year. Green fly are a challenge as they attack and can kill the tip of the bines. One has to be prepared to check the plants every day and spray for them.

Had to dig up the tettnang eventually as the roots had started to move in to the garden. Am in South Dublin about 3km from the coast.

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New to growing hops but want to give it a go this year and am on the hunt for some rhizones. My main concern is what everyone says about shelter from the wind as we had planned to plant some on one side of a field with shelter only on 1 side. Any expert advice would be welcome


If the shelter is on the west side of the field you stand a better chance of a crop than if it's on any of the other sides. Failing that, make shelter. :)

Mine are in a wind tunnel and hate me.


Thanks for that Tom. Will check that out later. I think it is the west side. Not much option of making a shelter but will see how they go. Cheers


Looks like where I plan to plant on the south west side of the field so should be ok.  Struggling to find hops and wondered if any members here had any cuttings going spare? Thanks guys  :)


Where are you Brendan?
I have loads of hop plants but they are all growing at the moment!of 4/5 varieties


Thanks for getting back to me. I'm in Listowel in Kerry.


It's probably a long shot but if you know someone who is travel between Derry and Kerry?