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What Hop Varieties Grow well In Ireland??

Started by Paul86, January 16, 2019, 11:00:52 AM

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Yeah that would be a very long shot! Only thing I could suggest is to post some cuttings but don't wanna put you to any trouble mate.


Plant Cuttings, although no trouble at all! need to go straight into water if they are to be viable and grow roots,the plants I have potted are year old up to 4  years old In Grain bags!!!! The best way other than picking them up In-situ awould be yo take rhizomes when the plant is dormant and post them down, Oct/-feb.im happy to do that if you give me a shout nearer the time!?


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Gotcha thanks so much! Yeah will definitely get in contact with you later this year.  Cheers



Most traditional English and middle European varieties will grow well in .ie land

One concern is wind burn - they don't like wind.
They are greedy feeders and like a bit of tlc when it comes to feed and water.

Exotics from the warmer parts of the world may not like our climate
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Was just wondering now I have a few hops in the ground.  What can you use as feed?   As you said above they are thirsty brutes and wanted to look at giving them a boost.

Incidentally, I actually have a spare Saaz plant going which was donated to me by a kind soul on this forum, am in Kerry if anyone is interested.