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September 29, 2023, 04:17:23 PM


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Spare Bottles

Started by Onthebrew, December 11, 2019, 02:08:18 PM

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since moving to kegs ive stopped using bottles and have loads spare - if anyone is interested let me know


Just ordinary bottles or swing tops? I am in a similar position. I chucked out about 80 x 500ml bottles once I had enough swing tops. Now I use kegs, I have a shit ton of swing tops that I don't use. Must have over 70 Grolsch bottles... that will probably never be used again ffs.


same here= i built up about 150 regular bottles and bought about 60 swing tops. i even bought a blichman beer gun over a year ago so i could fill bottles from keg. its still unused! havent used a single bottle since getting kegs about 18 months ago!


It's weird, innit! I spent that long collecting them, I am now finding it difficult to chuck them. I use the odd bottle when I somehow end up with slightly more beer than I had planned on brewing. But I reckon 6 swing tops would be more than enough for that. Don't know about you but I am delighted that I finally made the plunge and got kegs. Life is so much easier.


My missus was buying cases of coors light just because I wanted to change from 500ml to 330ml.....kept a few of the 500ml but Red binned the other 100 odd.....found that 330ml was a pain in the ass and went to kegs.....the refuse people were concerned about my consumption...every Monday for weeks the bins were full.
Life moves pretty fast.....if you don't stop and look around once in a while....you could miss it.


Like the OP, I have plenty of bottles going. Probably 150-200 x 500ml all cleaned and delabeled prior to storage. All of them are of a consistent style so may suit someone with a bench capper.

Not hijacking the OP, but thought it was better than creating another thread.

I am waterford based btw.