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December 07, 2023, 12:35:31 PM


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Started by Arcadia, June 25, 2021, 09:41:52 PM

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Completely new user here, got some kits today from the Homebrew company (excellent service btw, ordered yesterday afternoon and arrived today!)
I'm based in Gorey, Wexford.
My grandmother always had something brewing when I was young, they wasted nothing and I loved that. We moved to Gorey last year and I finally have garden and house space to do a little bit of this.
We have a huge elderflower tree/bush in the garden so I started a fairly simple recipe this evening for Elderflower 'champagne'.
I am a coeliac, so most beers are not really very useful for me, we have apple trees so I'll attempt cider in the autumn.
Hoping I'll find the knowledge and inspiration I need here!


Hi there,

Welcome to NHC!

Great hearing you got your brewing inspiration from your Grandmother, and that you're able to get into the hobby now.

I'm a South Wicklow brewer, just down the road from Gorey. I started out as a total beginner three years ago, and learned a lot from other brewers on this forum and club meetings. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend joining one of the free clubs to get some tips and feedback - there's no better way to enjoy the hobby and learn.

I'm with the Wicklow-based club Garden County Brewers. In normal times we meet once a month in the Harbour Bar in Bray for a tasting and homebrew talk - Bray is a bit of a distance from Gorey, but it's actually the handiest club for me and you'd be very welcome. We also have a very active Whatsapp group where you can field your questions.

I don't think there's any other coeliac brewers in the group, but plenty of experienced heads in there when it comes to cider and other gluten free brewing methods.

You can drop me a DM too if you like - happy to talk shop.

Cheers, happy brewing.

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