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October 05, 2022, 12:24:13 PM


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5l kegs and cooler

Started by Scudroe, June 03, 2021, 04:11:23 PM

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Hi all

I am thinking of moving from bottling to kegging into 5l kegs and a cooler dispenser for serving.

Anybody have any experience / recommendations on this front?

Primarily need to make sure I get a cooler dispenser compatible with the kegs I get and CO2.



I considered going down this route when I got fed up with bottling. In the end, I just went all out and got corny kegs. Yes, there is an initial outlay for kegs, setup, gas and fridge but once that is out of the way, you are on a different level and you simply won't look back. Take the plunge. You won't regret it.


There's a size and significant other factor here (as well as portability):

I brew and drink my own beer but as I live in the middle of nowhere (you don't get friends around too often) going all out on a 'proper' setup will probably need to hold for a while.

And I basically want to get brewing again now-ish :-)

But thanks