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October 05, 2022, 12:05:22 PM


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New member

Started by PhoenixAle, October 10, 2021, 10:21:41 PM

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Hi, new member from south west Dublin. Back into brewing this year after a 30 year lapse from wine making and Boots beer kits bought up North. Have made eight kits so far this year, would brew four of them again and two maybe's, and also made a couple of gallons of turbo cider. I'm mostly bottling but I tried two in a pressure barrel. Sticking to kits at the moment and have just invested in two cornies, gas regulator etc with a fridge in the shed next on list if the minister for finance allows (not sure how to broach the subject). Just finished a Craft IPA, wish I had more :'( , a St Peter's Cream Stout bottled two weeks ago for Christmas and 21ltrs Munton's Mild in the barrel for drinking next week. Hoping to get a Young's Oaked Ale on next.


Welcome back to the hobby of brewing. 30 years eh, a lot has happened in that time and the knowledge base has grown massively.
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Thanks Dempsey, yeah a lot has changed, better kits and equipment and best of all - internet & homebrew forums to help and educate me.


You have 3 homebrew clubs in that part of Dublin.
Capital brewers, South Dublin brewers and the best of the lot Liffey Brewers.
With the easing of covid restrictions might be handy to get to know some local brewers to you.