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November 26, 2022, 04:17:33 PM


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Beer gas in CO2 tank

Started by Mossy, September 13, 2022, 08:14:26 PM

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As the title says, I have a spare co2 tank and I'm wondering if it's possible to fill it with beer gas and get some nitro stouts on tap?


I would have thought no, from a safety POV. I know that my gas supplier wouldn't even entertain the idea. Nitro gas cylinders have an outlet pressure of 200 bar. C02 cylinders outlet pressure is less and so the C02 regs are not usually suitable for nitrogen. But even if your reg was able to handle such pressure, I would be surprised if anybody was willing to fill your C02 cylinder with 70/30 gas.

Bring your cylinder back to your supplier for a refund on the empty and put the money towards a 70/30 cylinder.


Nice one thanks, some good info there


Nobody professional would fill a CO2 tank with N2 or N2 mix. If anything happens they would be taken to the cleaners in the courts.

I do have spare mixed gas bottles (I am in Cork). I have confirmed that our local gas supplier (munster co2) can fill them with *CO2 only*. There is another gas supplier locally who does mixed gas, dont know if they will fill old pub gas bottles with mixed gas (I should check actually).

Lastly, anyone know where I can get a mixed gas regulator without sourcing it from the UK, or getting taken to the cleaners ? Specifically looking for something that comes with the right male thread to fit existing female thread gas bottles.


Ye might have some luck with your gas supplier. Mine stocks regs but they are £90 and wall mounted. Not really viable for me and I sourced a very good one from Brew Keg Tap for £60. They have cheaper ones (Kegland) but I went for the Italian made ODL one as that is the same brand as my CO2 reg and I know how good the quality is. Like most things in life, you pay for what you get. Buy cheap, possibly buy twice.


I know that Munster CO2 will fill the pub gas cylinders (with CO2 only - they dont do mixed gas), and can sell an adapter that will allow a pub gas bottle to connect to a CO2 regulator.

Also the hobby brew place in glanmire will give you rent free bottles, with mixed gas, so I am assuming that regulators would be available too.... never thought of that. But might be paying the covid-shebeen prices for that.


I am surprised a gas supplier would sell an adapter, from a safety POV. Mine told me the potential dangers and strongly advised against it.


They are not filling CO2 only, so they are assuming some intelligence on the part of the customer to  attach a mixed gas rated regulator.

As homebrewers we are happy to have a local vendor that caters for our odd needs.