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Northern Ireland home brew supplier

Started by @geterbrewed, April 28, 2013, 04:29:44 PM

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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the home brewers based in Northern Ireland.

We are a family run homebrew supplier based in Northern Ireland. We are passionate home brewers ourselves and hope to share our experiences and to learn more about the art of home brewing as we embark on this journey.

We supply home brew kits, equipment and ingredients - homebrew beer kits, wine kits, cider kits and all the equipment you could possibly need to start making your own. If you find that there is a particular product that you need that is not in our current portfolio, simply drop us an email and we will endeavour to source it. What's more, if it proves to generate an interest then we will consider adding to our range.

We aim to be beginner friendly. The quality of our modern homebrew kits provides you with superior beer, wine or cider more so than many commercially available products. We want to bring you real value for money and quality beer, wines and cider that will have all your friends talking. Come and join the revolution; Get 'er Brewed.........

Get 'er Brewed

Join the Revolution.



Welcome to the site. Great to hear of new shops opening up. Do you have an actual shop people can drop into or are you based online only?


We are based solely online at present, we do intend to open a shop in time but we need to get the geterbrewed name established first.

We are aiming to supply the Northern Ireland market at very competitive rates. We are running an opening promotion and have slashed prices until the end of the month.

Any feedback from the members about the website would be greatly appreciated. We are working at it constantly, it all takes time but we need to hear what the home brewers want so we can taylor to their needs. We are nothing without them afterall

Kind Regards

GEB Team
Get 'er Brewed

Join the Revolution.



Welcome! Good luck - hope it goes well.