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Brick and Mortar Geterbrewed Shop

Started by @geterbrewed, August 28, 2013, 09:48:16 PM

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Hey guys,

We have rented a small space in a local farm shop; http://www.hillstownfarmshop.com/

The farm shop contains a small selection of home brew equipment, we have had it running for a number of weeks now and it appears to be doing well.

The shop contains a selection of Equipment and Starter Kits, beer kits, cider kits and wine kits, we have a decent selection across the range. We are regularly re stocking the display and if anyone wants something off the website and wants to save on postage we will drop it up for collection.

We worked with the farmer on our home brew stout feed rare breed shorthorn cattle. The cattle were fed 4-6 pints of home brew stout per day. The cattle are grass fed on the farm and receive the very best of care which produces succulent marbled beef renowned for its superior eating qualities, considered to be a delicacy with a unique texture and depth of flavour, the beef is dry aged and has been hung for 28 days and sells in the shop also, so grab yourself a steak and your home brew equipment, you won't be disappointed.

We have had great coverage in the local press with articles in the Belfast Telegraph, BBC Ulster Newline this evening and interviews are planned for next week. In relation to the support you have shown, we are very grateful.

We want to work with the National Home brew Club and we encourage our customers to join. We have updated a link to your forum on our website. 

We hope to expand the floor space in the farm shop but we need to get suitable display cabinets made and its currently been added to a very long list of projects but we'll get there.

If there is anything you want to see in the shop just ask and we'll stock it.

Thanks for your continued support

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That shop is far too close to one of my customers for me not to swing by.
I see you have hampers all with local produce as well which I will be avail of for clients in Dec.
Looks great.
Any jobs going as cows?



LOL! The beef fed cattle project has been a huge success for us,  its really helping to put the art of homebrewing on the map. We have had some great craic over the last few days with the local media and its all helping to get more people interested in home brewing.

The shop is an all round winner, all top quality products inside, the new bistro being opened up beside it will be a winner I'm sure, maybe a new location for brew nights, classes etc etc
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Quote from: Il Tubo on August 28, 2013, 10:51:19 PM
Quote from: @geterbrewed on August 28, 2013, 10:02:13 PM
LOL! The beef fed cattle project
:o Isn't that cannibalism! ;)

Not to mention illegal - know what you mean though, amazing how a typo can change things.

Congrats on your space, fortunately the farm shop is less than a 5min drive from where I work on the moneynick rd so very handy for me to pop into. I am looking forward to seeing how your malting project goes with barley grown locally - keep us posted.

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Was just in the shop at about 11 today. The lady at the till told me that was you in front of me. Wish I had known so I could have a chat. Really impressed with what is on offer and that the prices are competitive. Got myself a Thomas Cooper IPA and a few extras. Will be a regular here as it's only 10 mins from my house. Good luck with the venture.
Life moves pretty fast.....if you don't stop and look around once in a while....you could miss it.


Good stuff! Will try and call in next time we're 'up the country'!


Great to see, must get up a for a look some day.  Are you's there at specific times/days?? 


We are there a couple of times during the week replenishing stock.

Their butchers counter is the best around! Wagyu beef coming back in for christmas too, its really worth trying, a massive amount of orders in for it already.

New Bistro/Cafe opening so we'll be about alot more with other projects we're working on, watch this space...

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