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Overwhelming number of threads about national 2014 comp

Started by admin, January 11, 2014, 08:48:45 PM

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Lads, there is a forum Competition 2014 which is dedicated to the national competition.

Can we try keep this forum relatively clutter free, and the number of national comp threads to only what is required. There is another competition coming up shortly, which is open to all, but is in risk of being drowned out by all the threads about the national comp.

I've spoken to Rossa about this and we're in agreement that threads all over the place is only causing confusion anyway, and that there needs to be less.

I will probably move/merge some threads over the next few days to try to tidy up a bit.

Thanks for your co-operations.


Ok just 3 now for Nationals vs 2 for Liffey valley even though Nationals are our biggest annual event and 12 times bigger will that do ya? :P


Local comps are encouraged, in hindsight probably not a great idea to run one a month before the monster.

May would be a good time as there was a big vacuum last year post the Nationals where folks were mad keen.
Any clubs out there planning a May comp, bjcp judges requiring points etc now as well!?

pro-rata the nationals should have another 11 ;)
It's all tidied up now so thanks for sorting that.


As subject 'Overwhelming number of threads about national 2014 comp'

Also, theres 2 areas where the detail should be available.
    National Homebrew Club Ireland »    General Discussions »    Members Only Area »    Competition 2014
    National Homebrew Club Ireland »    General Discussions »    Competitions

So what info should be in what area?
I'm confused.


Full paid up members have access to members area, 200, and is the area that comp. organisers ask for specific support in order to run the competition with support of paid members.
Ordinary non paid up signed Members ( a further 400!) and joe public and our spies have access to this side and can see in updates and news how slick we are and work involved in the competition and perhaps also encourage them to be paid up members :)

What were you fellas drinking last night as for such a clever lad...;)