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CO2 from AJ Edge, Bray, and the NHC

Started by JimmyM, March 15, 2013, 03:25:00 PM

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I really need to get a refill before Christmas. Trying to eek the last out of the tank at the moment.
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Quote from: ferg on November 10, 2014, 05:30:36 PM
Anyone been out since? With the keg GB coming in now I'd say there'll be a bit of a run on them.

Was out with them a couple of weeks ago to pick up a new valve & (used) tank. They had the valves in at that time.

Give them a buzz before you travel to confirm. Make sure you say it's for homebrew to get best price. Decent guys out there.


Just wanted to chime in and recommend the lads in aj edge. Very reasonable price-wise and well used to dealing with the brewers.


Did they in AJ ever state the purity of their CO2?  Reading this makes me want to know its food grade or not :)


They told me it was food grade when I got a bottle


Ah great. Might head down with my cylinder so and see what they can do.


Just been down for another refill. Still €10 for 6 kg of CO2. Last one lasted me 16 months serving 33 brews.

Had a bit of trouble finding it first time I visited so noted down GPS coords this time to save somebody else the hassle.

They are: N 53° 12.663', W 06° 06.748'

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


Was down there today to pick up a new tank, so they're still in stock. I rang ahead yesterday and they made one up in advance for me. Got a nice used 5 kg tank with new valve. Great guys.
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Leann ull

Yep they are really nice guys, can everybody please continue to be nice to them as they are subsidising the NHC, a guy called in ahead of me a week ago and he was charged 20 to fill a tank, not sure what his wanted it for but he asked for and was given a receipt.


I used to pay 25euro in doyle doyle til i discovered aj edge!

Leann ull

Quote from: JimmyM on March 15, 2013, 03:25:00 PM
Gary at AJ Edge will fill any size CO2 tank for €10. There is better value with larger cylinders.

They have stock of 5Kg tanks that they're happy to give away - old fire extinguishers with no valves. If you buy a valve for €28 from them they'll stick it on a tank for you, and for another €10 they'll fill it. So €38 for a 5Kg tank full.

Also, if you have a smaller cylinder (say 2Kg) they will swap the valve onto a 5Kg and fill it for a tenner all in once the customer's valve matches a tank in stock. so you can upgrade a 2Kg tank to a 5Kg for free.

Just say you're from the National Homebrew Club.

Was in with AJ Edge yesterday, because of STG and the cost of the valves the price on 5 or 6kgs tanks is now €45, which includes the €10 worth of gas.

The €10 for the gas fill still represents good value for money. Important you mention you are from the NHC as they have regular joes and commercial fellas showing up paying a lot more than that.

Not sure if a mod wants to edit Jimmy's first post?


How big are the 5-6Kgs Tanks? Would they be a bit big for an under the counter fridge? Or would it be best to get a smaller sized tank?


Here's one I got two weeks ago, it's about the same height as a corny so it will fit in an under counter fridge


Can you get smaller sizes? The fridge I have has a bit of a shelf at the back so if I end up getting 2 Cornys for it in the future the gas tank will need to be a bit small than a corny to fit in.

Leann ull

They have red 2Kg tanks as well smaller
you don't need to put your tank in the fridge either