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BrewCon 2017 - Tickets Announced

Started by irish_goat, February 20, 2017, 01:04:57 PM

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Sorry just stirring a bit. Tickets are non transferable.


Got my ticket anyway. Just have to hope this kid comes on time now.


How are ticket sales going? That must be nearly all of them?


Well over half went already in a few days  ;)
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Do we need our membership cards to get in on the day?


Also whats the secret handshake this yet?


Quote from: KDeath on February 28, 2017, 02:31:45 PM
Do we need our membership cards to get in on the day?
Bring confirmation of the ticket on your phone, e.g. EventBrite receipt/email.

(No need for print outs)



BrewCon 2017 is back and will be held on Saturday, 29th April in Dublin, at the historic Smock Alley Theatre. We have once again gathered a wide mix of industry experts and a sell out crowd is expected to hear from all aspects of the brewing community, including professional brewers, brewing consultants and authors. And a first for BrewCon, we will also delve into the world of homebrewed cider!

One of the premier aims of the National Homebrew Club is education of our brewers, with this is in mind the conference is aimed at furthering their education by putting together a day of talks and discussions in a friendly and informative atmosphere.

This year, BrewCon 2017's keynote speaker will be John Palmer.

John Palmer is a instantly recognisable name in the homebrew world. How to Brew, the definitive book on making quality beers at home, covering the full range of brewing possibilities. He has also written one of the homebrewer's go to book, Brewing Classic Styles, co-authored with Jamil Zainasheff and more recently Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers.

Among the notable line-up of qualified and well respected speakers from the industry, will be:

   Brandon Jones                 Yazoo Brewing/Embrace The Funk - specialist in wild/sour beers
   Mike 'Tasty' McDole       Award Winning US homebrewer
   Jasmin Winterer              Open Gate Brewery
   Mark Jenkinson               Cockagee Cider
   Rossa O'Neill                    Award Winning Homebrewer/Brewing Consultant

A great Q&A session: Proceedings will finish with a panel discussion allowing attendees to pose questions directly to a selection of our speakers. 

Some of the highlights at BrewCon 2017 will include:

•   Sour Brewing At Home – How to create your own sour beers and wrangle with the 'funk'.
•   Brewing Consistency – How to consistently recreate the same brew time and time again.
•   Lunch, sample beers & refreshments
•   Club Night – After the conference all attendees are invited to join us in the Banquet Hall of Smock Alley Theatre for what will arguably be Ireland's largest sampling of homebrewed beer, ever! Clubs from all over the country will be pouring their own beers, including several award winning recipes and we will have a selection of commercial beers pouring alongside as well.

The infamous BrewCon Swag Bag returns – including vouchers for your favourite homebrew retailers, commemorative BrewCon 2017 materials (pen, pad, etc) to keep all your notes in one place, a homebrew magazine (with some great recipes, news, etc), malt, hops yeast and even more extras on the day....

Speaking at the launch, Thomas Carroll, President of the NHC said:
"BrewCon has quickly become one of the highlights of the homebrew calendar in Ireland and we want to build on that expectation and give homebrewers a truly educational, entertaining and enjoyable experience this year again."

There are still a limited number of tickets available at www.nhcconference.com/tickets.

The National Homebrew Club (NHC) is Ireland's single biggest collective of homebrewers, with representation in all four provinces.

Established in 2011, it was founded to fulfil the needs of homebrewers in Ireland.

The NHC has gone from strength to strength, currently with over 350 full members and 1,000 associates of the Club. It is a non-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers from all four corners of the island and it has put home brewing back on the map in Ireland.

The club caters specifically for needs of home brewers, providing advice through a local club network and an active online forum.

The NHC's biggest event every year is the National Brewing Championships, with over 400 entries in 2017 judging beer to international standards, by 60 qualified BJCP judges and commercial brewers.

The primary role of the NHC is to improve the standard of home brewed beer and support those parties that want to make their hobby commercial. Over 12 homebrewers, who have come from within our ranks, have taken the plunge to go commercial in the last number of years.

It is active in promoting a range of activities include brewing demonstrations, organising training (BJCP), Little Talks sessions, managing & supporting local and national competitions.

For further information about this event contact us at brewcon@nhcconference.com