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November 29, 2021, 01:54:43 AM


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First Homebrew Festival in Sarajevo

Started by BeerRanger, April 24, 2017, 05:59:29 PM

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On Saturday held the First Homebrew Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Twenty-five home brewers hosted around 250 guests from Bosnia but also neighbors of the Croatian and Serbian. We were not able to drink all 1.050 liters of beer, but we have a good time with good bend and sausages from the grill.

And we tried the original Pliny The Elder :)

Maybe on the next festival comes a few homebrewers from Ireland?

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Looks great. Was in Sarajevo in 2015 but sadly didn't get any craft beer while I was there.



In Sarajevo, already has a couple of pubs with craft beers. In Bosnia and Herzegovina now has about 10 nano craft brewery. Enough to start the craft movement :)

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That looks great! I love seeing homebrewing taking off in the east :). I must visit.

Also, as a (non-native) speaker of Polish, the phrase 'kućnih pivara' made me smile - sounds like 'kitchen brewers', which is of course very accurate :)
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Thanks a lot.

Yes, it sounds like the Polish and my Bosnian. However, the "kućnih pivara"= homebrewers, (not kitchen = kuhinja).

The bottom line is that home brewers all understand each other.

If anyone, anytime of home brewers from Ireland goes to Sarajevo, I hope you will contact us to exchange and drink some beer.

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