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Advice on Extract Red Ale Recipe

Started by hurleyci, January 29, 2014, 12:48:39 PM

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Ok, so I'm hoping to brew a red ale at the weekend and have tinkered with a recipe found online. I've got the recipe so far below, was hoping to get some feed back. The only brew I've done before the ingredients were already weighed so I'm not really sure of what's an appropriate amount of steeping grains to use.

I'm hoping to end up with a biscuity/caramel taste and a nice red colour.

Irish Red Ale - Makes 25l @ 6.3%

4kg Light DME
0.1kg Crystal 40L
0.25kg CaraMunich
0.25kg Cara Red


30g East Kent Goldings @ 60 min

10g Cascade @ 10 min

English Ale Yeast


Also, I'm considering steeping some oatmeal with my grains to give the finished beer a creamy mouthfeel. I've been doing a lot of reading on oatmeal and realise it is a point of contention for a lot of people! Unfortunately I didn't order any base malts, so I don't think I'll have any diastatic power in my steep. I'm aware that this will leave starch in my beer and possibly give the final product a starch haze. I think the improved mouthfeel will outweigh the detriment to appearance.

So, how much oatmeal should I use? 100g? 200g? Has anyone had any experience with oatmeal?


I'd use more steeping grains if I were you, at least double of all 3 if you have them. What's the AA of your East Kent Goldings? I'd maybe aim for a little bit more bitterness as well considering you're looking for a 6.3% ale.

Never tried oats myself but if you're set on using them I'd aim low, maybe 100g. Toasting them in the oven until golden is supposed to produce good results too.


East Kent Goldings are 6.9% and Cascade is at 7.7%. Is there actually any point in me including Cascade? Since doing this recipe a few days ago I've learned their quite citrusy, which isn't really what I'm going for!Would you recommend around 50g of EKG?

I've loosely based the recipe on this, "http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/recommend-red-ale-extract-recipe-please-161387/";, which is why I chose to go for these malt quantities, but I've no experience, so I'm kind of obliged to follow your advice! :)

Ye I've heard that about oatmeal too, sure I'll give it a go!


Cascade is very citrusy yes but it could work too. It wouldn't be traditional in a red ale but the beauty of homebrewing is that you can break from tradition. You can add EKG 10 mins to get more traditional hop aroma if you want.

If the EKG is 6.9% then 30g@60mins should give you 21 IBU, I'd maybe aim for a little more to balance out the extra alcohol so maybe 35g-40g which would give 24-27 IBU.


Great, thanks for the advice! I'll run it by the lads on brew day and leave the decision in their hands!

And you reckon doubling the grain bill will give me a full malty flavour or should I go even more?

Stun Reeb

I am planning on brewing the HBC Full Extract Red Ale. It comes with Mt Hood Hops.  I am looking to do it as a Hoppy Red.  Anyone have any suggestions on what to add?  During the boil?  To dry hop? 


Quote from: Stun Reeb on April 03, 2014, 03:15:45 PM
I am planning on brewing the HBC Full Extract Red Ale. It comes with Mt Hood Hops.  I am looking to do it as a Hoppy Red.  Anyone have any suggestions on what to add?  During the boil?  To dry hop?

The hop bags included in the kit will tell you what time they need to be added. If you want to make it hoppier you'll need to buy extra hops.

Stun Reeb

Yeah I am looking to add extra hops.  I've got Cascade, Challenger, Mosaic, Apollo and Willamette at the moment.  Not sure what to add, don't want it to go too sweet, but planning it as a summer beer. 


Cascade is always good for a summer beer.
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Stun Reeb

Yeah, I was thinking that.  I just don't want to get to much citrus and fruit.  The last red I did was a St Peters Red kit and the sweetness of it with a cascade dry hop was a bit much. 

I think the sweetness was the kits problem though and it mellowed with age. 


Willamette or Challenger would be better suited to the style.