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July 28, 2021, 08:53:32 AM


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Buckets of real grape juice.

Started by Yenren, May 17, 2018, 10:29:33 PM

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So I have noticed recently that in the States they can buy 6 gallon buckets of straight wine making quality grape juice. I would imagine that it would be possible to get something similar from the contenant I have done a small bit of searching but haven't found anything yet. Searching using English is not working so next time I'm beside someone that speakers the language of a grape producing country I'll ask them.
So the buckets that people are getting are like 60 dollars and they get the bucket. To get a bucket this size would cost around €30 from the continent so if we could get the right juice I'm sure it would be better than spending €150 on high end wine kit.

Dose anyone know of a source for some thing like this?


Interesting.... I hope you find something feasible.


If your beside someone who speaks native wine country language get them to have a quick google, I bet they would find something right quick!


Yep, that's what we are looking for. Here's a spot in the states that sells it http://www.luvabella.com/wine/juices-grapes/
I'm sure we can find a spot on the continent to sell us some. Even if it was in 220 liter barrels we could do a group buy.