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December 05, 2021, 05:35:33 AM


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All grain equipment

Started by colm89, September 17, 2021, 09:55:27 AM

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Need to free up shed space due to impending parenthood and ongoing home renovation. Have the following items for sale, which I would of course rather sell as a job lot, but I'm open to splitting. Collection from Sligo.

30L buffalo with cut off switch removed to maintain a strong boil - €50
Grain basket to fit buffalo - €40
Brew in a bag mashing bag - €10
Various 1/2" taps, quick disconnect fittings, and hoses
Ts5 pump and power supply - €50
Inkbird pid - €40
Hop bag - €free with any other purchase
Stainless immersion cooler - €40
Speidel 12L fermenter with tap and bung - €20
Inkbird controller - €30
Brew belt - €15
Easy drainer 50/32 - €15
Bench capper - €40
Star san
Brewing salts
3 boxes of bottles (500ml brown bottles and Mescan stubbies)

This is ultimately everything you need to do a full volume 10 litre batch from grain to bottle. I have used it to do two 23 litre batches with a sparge, but didn't enjoy them as much as small full volume brews. I had it set up as a RIMS brewer with the pid and pumps, but have had equally good results from passive insulation and no recirculation.

Some items like the bottle drainer and bench capper have only been used twice, everything else maybe 10 batches at most.

I wired up the pid myself, and removed the safety cut off from the buffalo myself, and they have worked fine, but would recommend you take a look over the wiring yourself before using them.