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Started by loftybush, October 05, 2012, 05:00:22 PM

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Hi guys,
I know the majority of you are all grain, but I was wondering if you have, or intend to do any bulk buys of spraymalt.
I find paying over €3 per 500g just too expensive.

I know homebrew.ie do 500g bags for €2, but these are usually short dated.

Anyone know who'd be the best to buy from and in what quantities we'd need to buy?


QuoteOh, and I wouldn't worry about that short dated stuff from homebrew.ie -- I think it's fine for ages afterwards.

Fresher is always better.


I'd say to get a good price you'd need to be willing to take on 25 kg bags, would that work for you?

I might be interested, I'm half tempted to do my smash with extract instead, that probably makes it a seash. Due to time constraints, it would be nice to be able to get a quick brew done after work from time to time. The consistency of using the exact same extract would be better for the hop tasting? (I know i should have more faith in my process) Originally I was thinking of doing one big mash and a few little boils but I could do full extract batches.

If you find a supplier and are willing to set the ball rolling I'm sure you could get a few willing participants.


My extensive search for cheap spraymalt in Ireland has nearly come to an end. I can't seem to find any supplier who will even supply 25kg bags of spraymalt over here, let alone at a decent price.

Also the €2 malt on one of the homebrew sites is all out of stock now.

I guess, I'm going to be forced to move to all-grain in the new year.


I presume you have contacted Homebrewwest? I got a 25kg box of spraymalt off them a few years back for €125, so €5/kg.


Just replying so I can keep an eye on this.
I don't see the 25kg DME on the HBC site, how is / was it packaged?

And I'd be interested in a group buy in the future...


QuoteIt's gone again. We could ask our friends in the Homebrew Company to get it back in again?

Would the be sufficient interest in splitting a 25Kg bag of it?

Just think of the sticky dust!!

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