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April 17, 2024, 07:36:43 AM


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5 gallon sealable buckets

Started by LordEoin, May 29, 2013, 10:13:43 AM

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These would probably make decent FVs for wines and smaller brews.
They would also be perfect for cubing, secondary or bulk prime containers.
Or for storing grain, collecting fruit, sterilizing buckets, storage of odd-n-ends, etc.
I've emailed him to ask if they're food grade and what's been stored in them, i'll post when i get an answer.
If they're a winner, I'd take 5.


I'd take 5 aswell. they look good. Any idea where in kildare he is?


Nice product but no thanks
From their website


"The 5.0 Gallon is uniquely designed for 66 lbs. of hazardous solid product for which U.N. Certification is necessary."

You don't put foodstuffs for sale in tamper seal buckets, probably came out of one of the Kildare Pharma producers :(

http://www.alpack.ie/Tamper_Evident_Plastic_Buckets/Default.336.html aren't that much more expensive


Or so you were told and look what it did to your beer :P


They held bags of salt.

Quote from: emailThey are made to the highest standard for hazardous waste which has to meet the top criteria laid out by the UN.

They easily fall into the category of food grade as seen on the web site...

Originally stored in these containers were bags of salt, meaning the salt was stored in the bags and not directly in the buckets.

They had minimum contact with the buckets if any contact at all...

Salt is a sterile so it's grand.

I hope this info is of use to you..



I have a couple too which i from these guys ((M&M) industies). I have found them good. Cider whats your concern?
i wam wee todd did i am sofa king wee todd did


Struggling to understand why you need such a Rolls Royce bucket just for salt  :-\ and not something of higher value or more toxic nature.
In any case I have a new patented ISO test procedure, so when they arrive do the following;

1) Remove lid so that its just loose but still sitting on the top of the container
2) Invert with lid still on
3) Raise to head height
4) Simultaneously drop the lid and immerse your entire head in the bucket.

If any of the following happens

A) You pass out and fall to the floor
B) Your face turns green and skin breaks out in pus and blisters
C) You become Asphyxiated and start to get strange blurred visions or colours and daydream of winning 8 golds at NHC national competition

These buckets are not suitable for storage of any foodstuffs.

If however you just get the normal plastic smell they will be fine :)

Basically HDPE absorbs whats has been stored in it to a small degree.