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June 19, 2021, 10:59:15 PM


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BrewCon 2017

Started by davebhoy1975, March 23, 2017, 06:09:23 PM

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Hey lads
I hope your all well and supping some fabulous homebrews.
I just signed in for the first time in a long time and found a message from Dean @BrewCon 2017.

I thought I'd share it and see what the response was.

on another note .... Let's have a meet. When would suit?

Hello Davebhoy1975, (Kerry Brewers)

My name is Dean Dunne & on the NHC forum "GlasBrewInc".
I probably should look for a sub membership of you guys, since I spend a lot of time down your neck of the woods (Dingle in particular)
Anyways this year I'm involved with the organizing of BrewCon2017, as part of these duties I'll be dealing with arranging the Club Night part of the day.
Yes, We are intending to follow the lead of our American brethren and use the evening to showcase the quality of beers that our club members create.
It should be a great evening following on from the main conference during the day.

This is where the local clubs & yourself (Club Rep) come in. Well I see no one assigned as the officer for Kerry and you seem to start all the threads!
Is your local club in a position to provide a corny keg or more to the event that night.
We realize that will not be the case for every club & maybe that is the case of your own club.

If your club is able to participate in Club Night 2017.
Can you give me some information on the following;

If your club is able and willing to provide a corny keg or more?
The beer style or styles that you are putting forward?   
Any logistical help you may need?
Most of the information requested is obvious, As we'll need to know how many kegs we are looking at.
The reason behind wanting to know the style is we are looking to have a wide and diverse selection as it is showcasing our clubs.
(No fun all Stouts etc....) and BJCP style guidelines are not necessary.
If club members are travelling from distance the general direction is to tap there produce early so no waiting around for a keg etc.
Once we know the details of all the kegs we'll see what we can do with helping the logistics in this endeavor.

Currently at the time of this email two styles have been allocated "Barrel aged Flanders Red" & "Strong Bitter"

If there is any questions, please feel free to contact me either through the forum or my personal email details below,

Best Regards,
Look forward to meeting you at BrewCon 2017.


Thanks Dave. That all sounds very interesting but unfortunately I can't get to Dublin that weekend. Fair play to Dean for getting in touch. Are u going to BrewCon yourself?


Nah Danny. I only go to Dublin if it involves me getting paid. I'm not a fan of cities at all at all.
And especially now with the misses being pregnant. I can just see it now..........

Me. " Oh by the way I'm taking 4 or 5 hundred from the account and heading to BrewCon for a couple of days"
Misses. ".............silence........"
Me. " Why are all my clothes in the front garden?"
Misses. " *@$* you "

you see where I'm coming from here?, it's hard enough to take a day to go brewing, never mind going to Dublin on the piss with all our hard earned money,
while she puts the finishing touches to an 8 month old bun in the oven.

I would like to get more involved (all joking aside she's not that bad) but the fact that everything is in Dublin makes it impossible for us simple country folk way down here
to play any part in the homebrew club affairs.


I know the craic Dave. I find it hard to justify the cash for a weekend in Dublin and I'm a single man.

Hopefully our little club will grow and we can represent next year.


Hi Dave, unfortunately it's the nature of the beast. I'd love to organise big NHC events in Derry but it's a massive trek for most people and just wouldn't work out.

Killarney Beerfest is a good starter though!


I'm not having a go. I completely understand and you're right killarney beer fest is a great start.