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June 19, 2021, 11:53:42 PM


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Killarney Beerfest

Started by johnrm, March 24, 2017, 09:15:04 AM

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Shout out to the Kerry Lads.
Killarney Beerfest looms again. May 26, 27, 28
LordEoin and I have been asked to do brew demos (3rd year, we must be special!)

It would make a great excuse to meet up, taste,  and maybe stir up a bit of interest locally...

No sense in us Corkonians wowing the Kerry folk with our expertise when there is an abundance of it in The Kingdom!
Maybe you lads have kegged or bottled beers?
This is a great opportunity for Homebrewers to showcase your talent.


Cheers for the heads up John. Would be great to meet some veterans I'm not sure I'm around that weekend but if I am, I'll be in and will bring some beer. I will bring it up at our next meeting. I'm sure Dave and Alex will be heading to the beer fest anyway.


Sure didn't we find you lot there?  ;D


Just got tickets. Good excuse for a weekend in Kerry. What day are ye demoing?


Friday and Saturday, mostly Saturday. Sunday is most likely a no brew, show off kit day.

Banna Stout

Greetings to all, I eventually got my equipment assembled and tested and on Saturday last I made my first all-grain brew which might produce stout if I am lucky. I am using an old chest freezer as a fermenting chamber and controlling the temp of it with a PID unit built into the power supply.
I hope to go to the beerfest in Killarney and meet some of you boys there. Best regards to all  Joe.


I'm hoping to be there at some point but the misses is due on the 26th so I can't make any promises.


Banna. I have a pid and a chest freezer so I'd be interested to have a chat about the how to part.

Banna Stout

Dave I will be very happy to meet you and learn a lot from you, if I can be of any help I will be delighted, by the way Im delighted that you are helping to increase the future prospects of Firies congrats to you both,I have a lot of connection with that area, please message-email me and we will arrange a meet     Joe.


why don't you come to next months meet.

Banna Stout

Sounds like a good idea,   when and where  Joe.


Happy to volunteer some time one of days at the Killarney Beerfest weekend if necessary. I will be finished most of my college stuff by then. NHBC are doing All-Grain demo according to the Festival website. Not had a chance to brew in over a year