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June 19, 2021, 11:21:23 PM


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Dick mac's

Started by paultlynch91, May 14, 2017, 01:37:58 PM

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Hi guys hope the brewing is all going well. I haven't started just yet but really itching to start soon.

Just in case ye haven't heard, more than likely ye did, Dick macs is setting up a brewery in Dingle. I was there last weekend for matters unrelated to beer and they have made some great changes to the outdoor seating area and the old farmhouse out the back. I was chatting to Finn one of the main guys there and he said they will be getting in a 500L braucon system. Same as inside so it will be some set up. They plan on doing an ipa and a blonde. The brewer will be a guy that was with the West Kerry brewery so looking forward to that.

Also I hope to see a few of ye at the killarney beer fest. It will be a good opportunity to get a few more members on board.

Happy brewing

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Nice to hear that as I visit kerry a lot so will check this out.
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Nice to have another brewery in Kerry. I'm a bit cynical about Dick Mac's, have experienced a lot of bad attitude from staff there and would put me off returning, despite it being a lovely bar inside in it. I wish them the best of luck and hope they make some great beers, Dingle needs more craft options.

Hopefully I will make to it to the Killarney beer fest. I'm sure you will be there the 3 days Paul?


Not sure yet. The brewery will be open for tours still so probably will be taken up by that. I will definitely be out there for the night. I hope to be at the home brewers tent on the Sunday hopefully. If yer passing, call in for a taste of the saison. A bit different from last yer but Mike did a great job with it

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