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Brewing in Kerry

Started by LordEoin, May 30, 2016, 11:45:58 AM

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I would be interested in a meet, Killarney or tralee area works for me as well.

I have just brewed my first all grain, just a small batch (1 gallon) using a large stock pot and sieve.  Its a raspberry wheat beer.

I have also bottled a kit stout and again I have banana flavuor, its another st peters kit so I guess its the same type of yeast.  I need to work out if its temperature control or something thats stressing the yeast.  Fingers crossed it gets better with age.  The first kit that I did is tasting better than before as it ages, but I wouldn't give it to anyone to drink.

Daveb how easy was it to build the mash tun?  I am tempted to start on larger all grain batches and fancy a crack at making some of the equipment at some point.

The parti-gyle brew sounds really interesting, how is that coming along?


Raspberry wheat sounds lovely.

The mash tun was simple. It's basically a cool box with a hole drilled in the side and then some copper pipe fittings attached through the hole and a rubber washer either side. I bought a 12" bazooka from the home-brew company and thats it. It really makes a big difference to the amount of crap floating around in the beer as it creates a natural filter for the wort to drain through.


I bottled 2 of my 3 parti gyle brewed ales the other day and kegged the 3rd. They all smelled and tasted lovely. Hopefully they turn out to be as good as I think they're gonna.

Why do you think your yeast was stressed ? I mean what flavours are coming through ? Is it just an overwhelming banana flavour ?
It would be unusual for a stout kit to use a wheat yeast. Do you use any control during fermentation or do you rely on the ambient room temperature ?

Leann ull

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Quote from: Daveyg23 on August 15, 2016, 04:26:50 PM

I have also bottled a kit stout and again I have banana flavuor, its another st peters kit so I guess its the same type of yeast.  I need to work out if its temperature control or something thats stressing the yeast. 

St Peters Kits are some of the best you can get and the last ones I used before I went AG, that flavour is from fermentation temperature.


Yeah I seccond CH, temperature control is the biggest plus for good beer. The ambient temp is way too high right now

Leann ull

Fermentation can add 2-3 Degrees, all that yeast sex and farting generates energy.
Even with my cooler shed I'm putting iced bottles in the redneck chamber to control temp.


I am new to brewing and based near Tralee.
I am currently conditioning a porter, but I don't think it will turn out how I wanted. Not enough malt and not sweet enough, very light body.
Am going to try an IPA next week.


As a Dub   visiting Kerry atm your welcome
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My fat yak clones have turned out lovely. Both the ones I've tried out the three I made taste pretty close to how I want them.


Hey guys,

Have moved from London to Listowel recently and am keen to get started on some home-brewing. I plan to get a lot of the kit together over the next couple of months but my first plan is to start growing some hops.

Am keen to know if anyone has any ideas where to get hold of some from and if per chance any members may have a Rhizones or two going spare.

Happy to give you guys some hops when they come in!

Would also be interested to know of anyone in Listowel is home-brewing, have only done a few kit brews before but want to move up to all-grain once I have the equipment


Been a while since I was on the forum, last time I was on here the Kerry brewers were just discussing their first meet. Life had me side tracked for a while, got a job in cork that meant travelling down Mon to Friday. Then marriage etc, so the short of it is, no brewing for a few years. Bounced back in style with a double kit brew last week. Will see how they turn out.

So what's the story, are the Kerry brewers still active? Hope so, would love to get involved this time around