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May 17, 2021, 09:11:07 PM


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Connaught Home Brewers Bottle Swap #1

Started by Matt DBrewer, February 04, 2021, 04:43:59 PM

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Matt DBrewer

So the details of our first bottle swap are starting to come together and I've included them below... if there's anyone who is interested but who hasn't signed up to the Facebook group, let me know and I can continue to post updates here


1. Participating members submit x+1  bottles of the same batch of beer, where x is the number of participating members. It's unlikely we will come close, but a maximum of 24 participants may enter... this is on a first come basis.

2. The final date for submitting your beer is 17 April, all boxes of beer will be returned by May 1st

3. This is open to everyone, beginner and experienced brewers, extract and all grain!

4. Participants must live in Connaught.

5. You can brew any style you like.

6. This is not competitive. There will be an informal scoring sheet where people can submit what they thought of each beer along with brief feedback, and these can be given back to brewers when they are completed.

7. This is not anonymous, so everyone will know who's beers they are drinking.

8. Beers should be in either 500ml or 330ml bottles (or cans).

9. There should be technical details like style/strength/basic ingredients etc. Included with the beer.

10. Beers should be submitted in a strong box that can withstand being stacked if needed.

11. Each brewer will be assigned a number, and this number should be clearly marked on the box, the side of the bottle and the cap of the bottle to make sorting easier and reduce the chance of mixups

12. Covid guidelines/restrictions will be followed at all times!

13. Boxes will be sorted in castlebar, so drop offs and collection will need to be arranged to/from there. If you're interested, but you think this could be a problem, let me know and there may be something can be done to make it easier.
I wonder if there's a beer out there thinking of me too? 🤔🍻


Hey Matt, I'm not on facebook. I would live to get involved in this. Cant say much for the quality of beer,  however I have been in touch with you about this and looks like a bit of time is helping my cause

Matt DBrewer

Cool Chris, I'll keep you posted on all of the updates... great to have you involved!
I wonder if there's a beer out there thinking of me too? 🤔🍻

Matt DBrewer

If you can find any bit of an old Facebook account anywhere, there'll be lots of craic along the way, and maybe some tasting feedback sessions etc... but it's definitely not essential... I'll make sure you know everything you need to know
I wonder if there's a beer out there thinking of me too? 🤔🍻