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October 23, 2021, 02:10:09 AM


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12 beers of Christmas 2018

Started by Rosmucman, November 29, 2017, 08:13:03 PM

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Here's the general concept:
12 different brewers will brew one of the 12 beers of Christmas found in Randy's Mosher's Radical Brewing.
If you don't have the book, can't borrow it, etc., I can PM the recipe to you.
Each brewer gives three 500 bottles of their beer to the 11 other brewers (33 bottles in total) and receives 3 bottles of each recipe in return. (Probably at a meetup or would posting them be handier?)
Maybe you drink one, share one, and age the third!?
Some of these are fairly big beers, and need some time and aging to be optimal, so planning and brewing early can be critical. If you're bottle conditioning, be ready to bottle in time, etc. Also, one of the beers (Juniper Rye Bock) is a lager, so a brewer with a lagering fridge will be needed for that one.

Choosing What You Want to Brew:
First come first served (with the noted restrictions below...)
Reply to this thread if you're interested and let us know which beer you want to brew.
As beers are claimed, I will update the thread with the brewer's name next to their selection.

Here is the list of Beers:

1) Caramel Quadrupel
2) Spiced Cherry Dubbel
3) Spiced Dunkel Weizenbock
4) Juniper Rye Bock
5) Fruitcake Old Ale
6) Saffron Tripel
7) Christmas Gruit ( @Auger )
8) Honey Ginger IPA
9) Crabapple Lambicky Ale
10) Gingerbread Ale
11) Spiced Bourbon Stout
12) Abbey Weizen



Some of these might not be ready by xmas,Crabapple Lambicky Ale for example, so we can sub that out for something else.

Frequent Sequence

I love this idea.
living out east this weather might make it difficult but I'm going all in with the Crabapple Lambicky Ale.
i have loads of crab apples and a nice sour culture


1.Romucman-Abbey Weizen
2.Frequent Sequence - Crabapple Lambicky Ale.


Ill do the Spiced Cherry Dubbel. I dont see recipe guidelines in that link, but I'll improvise!
1.Romucman-Abbey Weizen
2.Frequent Sequence - Crabapple Lambicky Ale.
3. ronniedeb- Spiced Cherry Dubbel


Myself Kevin and Tommy have brewed the honey ginger ale