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October 23, 2021, 07:02:39 PM


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How many 20l keg would a 5kg cylinder do?

Started by Keokee, March 03, 2021, 07:12:56 PM

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Apologies if this has been asked before. I had a look and couldn't find anything. I got one of those 5kg cylinders (refit fire extinguisher) from those fine gentlemen in bray (aj edge). I'm on my third keg now. How many kegs should i expect to get before i need a refill? I have to go that direction tomorrow and the way things are i don't know when i will be in the area again. If it's getting anywhere near refill time I'll get it topped up.


well you will get a lot more than a couple of kegs. But a lot will depend on whether you are force carbonating or dispensing quite high in pressure.

I think I have pushed out 10 kegs since I got an AJ edge special ~20 months ago. But I also force carb and do liquid purges of kegs, and CO2 transfer from FV into kegs. (if I could raise the FV 20cm I could do closed transfers).

Simple suggestion - if you are concerned that your gas could run out, and you might be a long time before being in the area for a refill, get a second tank as a reserve. Those CO2 conversions are such a good deal. Back up CO2 in the form of soda stream + regulator adapters is going to put you back 30-35e minimum, and that only gets you 10% of the CO2 that a fire extinguisher holds.


If you need to know how much CO2, get a luggage scales or suspensions scales and weight the cylinder. (Lidl had a pair of suspension scales). Weigh the cylinder, then ring up AJ edge and ask them how much the cylinder should weigh unfilled.


Thank you so much TheSumOfAllBeers for such a comprehensive answer. I think you've talked me into a second cylinder. Cheers


it sounds indulgent, until you look at what the home bar guys are paying for their co2 from pub suppliers.

Also a second co2 bottle is a practical thing to have if say:
- a leak empties your primary
- you never need to pull apart your kegerator to purge kegs etc.
- camping trips etc.