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June 20, 2024, 01:21:57 PM


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Chieftain IPA clone : Help needed

Started by rberehoudougou, October 06, 2020, 12:05:34 PM

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October 06, 2020, 12:05:34 PM Last Edit: October 06, 2020, 08:51:32 PM by rberehoudougou
Hi all,
I really love chieftain IPA from Franciscan Well and have been trying to clone it without success (My first time writing a recipe). I need help with this.
Here is what I've got for my 5th iteration .:

OG:1.065  FG:1.024   ABV:5.5%
IBU: 35.5     BU/GU:0.544
Color: 16.1 EBC

Batch Size : 21L Boil time: 60 min

6.2  kg Pale Ale
0.16 kg Caramunich I
0.13 kg Caramunich III

20g Magnum @60 min (28.5 IBU)
30g Tettnang @15 min (6.9 IBU)

60g Citra Dry Hop 4 days

WLP002 English Ale yeast

68C for 60min

Your help will be really appreciated in getting this right this time !
The hops are the ones they use according to their own description :
Ingredients: Ale malt, Crystal Malt Hops: Citra, Tettnanger and Magnum

Thanks people !


You should get a can and take a hydrometer reading some. 1.024 sounds a bit high for FG.


Being a long time since I tasted this beer but I remember it as a very sweet taste. 1024fg does seem a bit too high though.
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I see what you mean , but I switched to WLP002 (63-70% attenuation) in search for that sweetness.
I tried Vienna malt and Safale s-04 in a previous version, but that did not yield the desired sweetness.
I will definitely take a hydrometer reading from a can to see.


Once you know FG and abv you can work out OG. With yeast attenuation you can work out mash temp.


I would use a good dose of Crystal malt in there rather than Caramunich. I'm also pretty sure they always used US-05 at Fran Well.


I'd say it's something like crystal 385 ebc. Wouldn't be surprised if it was just a base malt and crystal. Haven't had a pint of it in a while but would put the FG at something closer to 1.014
Hops I'd have to have another taste to reacquaint myself with it.


I managed to get some readings from a can (they are impossible to take measurements once carbonated ! ;) )
Final Gravity is between 1.010 -1.012
And the ABV on on the can is 5.5%


You really need to heat up the sample to remove the co2. That way you get a better reading.
Dei miscendarum discipulus
Forgive us our Hangovers as we forgive those who hangover against us


Any one else out there that can help as I am in the same dilemma. Love Chieftain, Love brewing but need a recipe   


My last iteration of this is pretty close. Here goes :

Batch Size : 12L
IBU 28.3
BU/GU: 0.488
Colour: 11.4 EBC
Boil: 60 min

2.2 kg Pale ale malt
1 kg Pale Maris otter
0.02kg Extra Dark Crystal (385 EBC)

7g Magnum      @ 60 min - 22.3 IBU
15g Tettnang   @ 5  min -  2.9 IBU
27g Citra      @ 1  min -  3.1 IBU
5g  Citra   Dry hop for 4 days 0 IBU

Safale US-05
Mash :
69 C for 60 min
76 C for 10 min

Tasting Note : Yet to do a side by side, so here my notes so far
Colour seems ok
Bitterness is also ok
Flavour is ok,
Aroma a bit too faint compared with original. Will probably increase the amount of hops for the dry hop

So we are getting there guys.Thanks for your help and thanks for your suggestions to help nail this.

Grace’s Grog

I know this is an old thread, but here's hoping. Just wondering if you have improved any on this recipe or is it a close clone? Chieftains is a lovely beer and would love to give it a try