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July 18, 2024, 01:02:00 PM


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5th annual Hops Harvest Day 2017

Started by brettdundee, September 06, 2017, 09:36:02 PM

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Its that time of the year again, when the hops are ripened up for harvesting.
The once a year opportunity to brew with wet hops.

I have plenty of free fresh hops for your next brew. You just have to pick them - Fuggles and Cascade.

We usually have a bit of a get-together, where activities generally revolve around -

1) picking hops for your next brew,
2) discuss brews, growing/processing hops, and any other shite.
3) sample a home brew or three
4) For a small fee I'll cook up a storm on the bbq.

At the moment its looking like 16th, 17th, 23rd or 24th September.  PM or post you preferred date.

We had a great afternoon the last few years.



Would like to join .. last year was super fun ... But working weekends now so have to pass ;( :'( :'( :'(


Sounds great Brett. I can only make 23rd so if it goes ahead that day I'll be there...

For anyone in Limerick/Tipp who hasn't been there before, it's a great day out!!

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tipp brewer

Hi Brett, 23rd would be good for me too if that suits you. Looking forward to seeing the hops in full swing.


I'd be interested in joining in, not sure of my availability as of yet so if the rest of ye pick a date i'll see if i can join


Hi Brett

I am ok for both weekends. Looking forward to it.



Cheers for the invite but will be away on holiday have a great day

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Hi Brett,
I'd be very intersted to join, both weekends are fine for me.


September 13, 2017, 10:41:07 PM #8 Last Edit: September 13, 2017, 11:01:53 PM by brettdundee
I think we can say the date will be definitely be Saturday 23rd Sept.
Looks like we'll have a nice sized crew. Some regulars and a few welcome new faces.

The lovely autumn wind and rain this week is playing havoc with the outdoor hops, but luckily most are safe in the polytunnel.

We should have an extra treat in store.
As you may or may not know the "BBQ World Championships 2017" is in Limerick next month  https://www.limerick.ie/discover/whats-on/kids-family-fun/world-bbq-championships-2017.  My team mates are looking for opportunities to do final trials of their master-chef dishes, and I said - what better combination than beer and BBQ!

Depending on numbers, we will be looking for €15 to €20 for the BBQ this year to fund some bigger cuts of meat like whole pork shoulder that will be slow cooked through the night before.

I'll have some of my usual gnarley nettle ale for sampling, and just racked a smooth wheat beer this evening ready for kegging

Getting excited


Brett you are ruin my day ;) i want to be there as well .... 😂


Sorry Dracusse. Can you finish work early?
By the way, how did your hops go ?


No im on nights ;( hops are fine got a small amount from fuggles but i did a mistake let them grow over steel shed so heat didn get them to grow properly ... Didnt collect cascades yet but it will be 3 times more than fuggles .. by the way theybeen growing in pots

tipp brewer

Hi Brett, tis great weather for a barbecue alright but it sounds pretty good to me. I m just back from a soaking at the ploughing so i ll be well acclimatised. What time are you hoping to get it all going?



Yes, the forecast is looking quite ordinary. We could manage a little rain, but the 11m/s wind will be a big challenge for the BBQs.
We'll battle on though. The hops picking is in the poly-tunnel so that will be comfortable.

Location : Birdhill
Date : Saturday 23rd Sept
Time : 1pm

Usual format;
   1pm Setting up.
   2pm Picking hops.
   5pm BBQ (€15 per head)
   7pm weigh and distribute hops.

Bring oldish clothes with long sleeves and gardening gloves(if you have them), as hop vines can scratch a little. Wellies (if you have them) might be advantageous as the ground could be mucky - like a true festival.

As usual, please PM me your email address as I don't fancy posting my details on the forum.