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July 18, 2024, 11:49:04 AM


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November Meetup

Started by mettiu, October 31, 2017, 03:05:24 PM

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Hello everyone,

It's already been a long time since the two events we had in September (Brett, thanks again for the great day!), so I'd like to suggest a meetup in November.

My initial suggestion is Thursday 16th of November, which I already checked it suits with Mike of Mother Mac's (whom I want to thank for the great support).
Vote in the poll or write here, and we can change the date if necessary. I hope even more of us will make it this time :)

The lads from Treaty City will be joining us again!
Last time they suggested a homebrewing day at the brewery, and I've been told they have some new ideas to talk about :)

Looking forward to see you all in November,


P.S. A new, wet hopped, brown ale is getting ready  ;)


Missed, last two, so will be sure to make it to this one


Quote from: RobShamrock on November 01, 2017, 08:59:26 AM
Missed, last two, so will be sure to make it to this one

Great, looking forward to it! :)


Count me in... don't have much new to bring this time but I'll find something!

tipp brewer

Sorry lads I m out for this one again. Enjoy the night, hopefully I ll make the next one.


Should be able to make it. I brewed an American IPA on Sunday which might be ready; I will also have cider from last year that I finally got around to bottling.

Looking forward to it!


That's great, I'll confirm the date so!
Does 7:30 PM suit, or do you prefer later?


Great stuff. I should be able to get there. Looking forward to it.


He Guys, what part of the bar do ye meet up in, 7.30 is it ?


Quote from: RobShamrock on November 16, 2017, 11:59:29 AM
He Guys, what part of the bar do ye meet up in, 7.30 is it ?

Hi Rob, yes it's at 7:30.
We'll be in the back room (they call it Peggy's Parlour) - the door on the left hand side of the bar.

See you all this evening!


Have a good night, out of the Country again hopefully be around for the next one

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Great to meet you all, Sorry I couldn't stay a bit longer.

Till Next time  :)

Will let you know how the stout turns out !


Hi all hope ye had a good night. Sorry I couldn't make it I caught the flu and am out of action for a few days. Hope to make the next one!