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adding hops to wheat beer

Started by BrianD, April 17, 2018, 03:36:19 PM

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does anyone have any experience with this? any recommendations on which hops to use for it and where to get it? (on a very tight budget atm)


Hi Brian,

Welcome to the forum. What kind of brew are you making (kit/all-grain etc.)?

If you are buying supplies from any of the Homebrew stores you will be able to order hops from there also.  Do you have a particular recipe you or working to or a beer you're trying to clone?

If you are based in Limerick, there is a group of homebrewers meeting's every month or two, you should keep an eye out here.

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its a kit wheat beer, standard wheat beer by brewferm, no particular recipe or clone, just curious because i like hopped beers and i like wheat beers and i havent seen or heard of any that use hops as a main flavouring agent. im based in limerick, which is why i posted about this here as it will be easier to get info and meet other home brewers  in the area to get a better insight.


I haven't tried that kit but I think wheat beers (German style) are generally not highly hopped and a lot of the flavour is coming from the yeast.  I have brewed an American Wheat Ale a few times but have used US-05 yeast to help the hoppy flavour come through and have used Citra and similar hops after the boil to keep the bitterness low and to add some flavour and aroma instead.

If you haven't tried that kit before, maybe try it out and see what the hop levels are like first before hacking it the next time.  If you are going to put hops in and are using a German wheat beer yeast then maybe aim for some German hops too but I wouldn't overdo it for that style.

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ive tried it before, its a fairly standard wheat beer, ive ordered wai-iti, pekko, and wakatu hops to experiment with for the wheat beer


Sounds like what you're aiming for is a White IPA. I think a wit beer would be normally used as a base for a white IPA but I don't see why it wouldn't work with a German wheat recipe instead. Basically just throw in lots of fruity flavour hops at the end of your boil and at the end of fermentation.


Try the Crafty American Style Wheat Beer from lidl. It's a good hoppy wheat beer.
It's your brew, add whatever you want.