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July 18, 2024, 11:48:30 AM


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Mother Macs 28th June

Started by Keg, June 27, 2018, 10:01:30 PM

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Hi All

Long time no meet! Of any of ye are around tomorrow evening, Mother Macs are doing a meet the brewer with yours truly for Indie Beer week.   Some of ye might remember the draw last year for a place at the Kinnegar Brewing Academy, well they're tapping the beer that came from that and we'll be talking about the beer and the brewing academy.

Good excuse to catch up and have a cold one!

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Sorry Keith won't be able to make it have a good night. Cheers. Dave

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tipp brewer

Damn just saw this. Can t make it I m afraid but the very best of luck with it Keith. Will look forward to hearing about it next meet up . I have a bit of fresh motivation to brew some beer as had practically abandoned it there for the last year or two so need to get a few tips again.


I saw this late as well unfortunately. Tomorrow 30th June Treaty City have an event as part of Indie Beer week in case anyone here fancies checking it out here is the information for tickets - all proceeds are going to Down Syndrome Ireland & Emma Langford is performing.
I got my ticket a few days ago not sure if they are still available



Missed it too, wasnt online much with all the good weather, had seen Mothers tweeting it, might organise a meet for september ?


Maybe earlier than September ??    :rolleyes:


I'd struggle with hols etc. till september but always open to a night out if I can stretch to it :)