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Wicklow Hops Company Yeast Thread

Started by Thewicklowhopscompany, January 26, 2019, 10:36:54 AM

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I am planing to do a reasonable straight forward pale ale this weekend (Sunday) and i am thinking of using your  Fruit Bowl Ale Yeast. I am aiming for about 21-22 litres in the fermenter with a gravity of 1.050. As i will only be receiving the yeast about 36 hours before i plan to brew, i dont have the time to work up a proper starter
My question(s) are: 
A. Do i need a starter for that volume and gravity with one if your packs?
B. Out of interest, what is the volume+ gravity cut off point where one pack is sufficient without the need for a starter (assuming a the pack is half way through its shelf life)



Anyone used the Pintman yeast/know the whitelabs equivalent?

Thinking of using it for an altbier this weekend.


Used the Pintman in an Oatmeal stout recently, don't know the WL equivalent. Quick fermenter at 20 degrees, flocced out well too. Finished product gave low fruity esters that went well with the malt, didn't dominate. More apparent in the aroma than flavour. Found it similar to Notty actually



Used bubblegum in a dubbel, just wondering how long you recommend to primary? I was thinking 3-5 weeks, any advice would be useful, will be bottle conditioning.


I made a dubbel recently with Bubblegum which has turned out well. I left it in primary (at 23 degrees) for three weeks before going directly to bottle. It took another a month in the bottle before the flavour had smoothed out to be drinkable.


Thanks for that- I'll go 3 weeks provided FG is stable! It took off like a rocket on Friday morning after pitching Thursday evening and activity has slowed a lot so I'd hope 3 weeks is enough. Will leave condition over the summer and hopefully have a nice be for the autumn.


I made a Belgian blonde with Bubblegum. OG was at 1.058 and was at 1.010 when I checked the gravity 16 days later. I then cold crashed it to 10c for 4 weeks before bottling. It's a tasty sup now but the bottles still haven't carbonated fully (or maybe I made a mistake with priming sugar amount). I split the batch with Wyeast #3787 high gravity trappist ale yeast and the Bubblegum one seems to be the favourite.


Made a no boil neipa with the bjorn yeast. It's mad suff and the yeast def contributed to it. I'll post once I have a proper pint of it!
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Is there an Alt style yeast in the range. I've been using WPL036. Looking for something similar if you have it.



Would it help if we had a WHC sticky on the forum? I could ask Philip if he would be willing to monitor the thread. It might help posts like these getting lost?

Show of hands???
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Yeah let's do it Mick, Thanks for the reminder. Il check it very often and try and get the answers out.

We don't have a Altbier yeast yet but will put it on my list! At the moment my main focus homebrewer wise is the new kviek strains including a lager one, lager yeasts in general, the low ABV yeast and some pichable Lacto.